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Examination for Session 2022 - 2023 (Jan - Dec) batch will be conducted between 18th - 27th Dec, students are requested to collect their admit card from centre.

“Yoga - Total Relaxation to Rejuvenate and Heal”

"“Yoga gives your body a rhythm, a melody to your mind, and a song to your soul to create your unique symphony of Life.” Yoga is a holistic science that integrates body, mind and spirit into harmony. It not only brings all round good health and wellness, it develops mindfulness making the body aware of the present moment leading to a state of happiness and peace. Strengthening the body physically, mentally and emotionally, it helps to restore balance within and in relations to others and the environment.
Enhancing overall fitness, Yoga attunes you with your body and inner core with a soothing and relaxing effect. Not only it gives physical health benefits such as lowering blood pressure, improving blood circulation and increasing pain tolerance, it also offers advantages such as delaying the aging process and increasing body’s energy levels. It also improves the body’s chemistry by lowering cholesterol and triglycerides. Besides it also enhances emotional stability reducing stress, anxiety and elevating positive attitude. Most of all yoga helps to integrate the body functions, balancing responses and increasing self-control and self acceptance.

The Indian Federation of Yoga works to bring the traditional practices of Yoga to the people teaching genuine techniques that have been passed on since centuries with complete reverence to the rich history and heritage of Yoga lineage.

Join us today as a Teacher or a Student to experience this way of holistic Life.

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Benefits of Yoga

    “Yoga is not a work out. It is a work-in.”

Yoga offers several health benefits for the physical, mental and emotional body other than changing the perspective towards life. It fosters living with energy, enthusiasm and a deep sense of calm and overall wellbeing. It facilitates compassion, friendliness, greater self awareness and self control. Improving muscle strength, endurance and flexibility, it ensures cardio-respiratory wellness. Impacting the gastrointestinal functions, it improves digestion. Since Yoga is a kind of internal massage for the organs, it helps them to function properly and keep away diseases. Enhancing the efficiency of the body’s metabolism, it helps in maintaining healthy weight. Working on the immune response, it makes the immune system stronger. Besides, Yoga also improves pain tolerance and eliminates chronic pains such as back ache etc. Yoga stimulates the body to detoxify and enhances the energy levels within. It improves attention, memory and concentration apart from balancing the nervous system and hormones. Most of all, Yoga brings about positivity, helping to live life with joy and genuine pleasure.

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Benefits of Meditation

“Meditation fosters wisdom, freedom from ignorance.”

Easy and simple to practice, it establishes a Connect between body and mind helping to remain grounded and focused. Immersing you in the present, it helps to shed the bonds of the past and apprehensions for the future releasing all kinds of stress and anxiety.

Improving mental clarity, memory and sharpness of the mind, Mediation helps to unplug and unwind. It helps to recognize and face the inner emotions and work through them. It enhances positivity and improves relations. Increasing emotional intelligence, it improves responses, mood and overall wellbeing. Nonetheless, Meditation improves physical health, enhances immunity and gives longevity.
Meditation improves attitude towards life, shifting the focus to well being of self and others. It initiates balance and harmony all around.
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Benefits of Mindfulness

“Mindfulness brings awareness about the present moment, the only instance when life happens.”
Mindfulness is a state of mind when the mind is not full. When the mind let’s go of the emotional and mental load and is instead clear and fluid allowing thoughts, perceptions and feelings to flow freely and smoothly without hindrance or getting stuck is the essence of mindfulness. It is in fact a training of the mind to be in the present moment and return to it again and again. It brings attention and awareness to the current moment without any judgement helping to manage emotions and thoughts positively.
Mindfulness fosters wellbeing and freedom from stress. It helps to develop gratitude and enhances relationships. It enhances resilience to cope with any kind of emotional troubles and mental issues. It improves focus and concentration, bringing clarity, better decision making abilities, higher levels of creative thinking and enhances performance. On the physical level, Mindfulness increases the body’s immune response, bolstering the ability to fight disease. Accelerating the recovery process, it even slows down the progression of cognitive disorders related to aging.

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Benefits of Corporate Yoga

“Corporate Yoga helps employees to control their inner world, making their outer world a bliss.”
Corporate Wellness is no longer a Luxury to have but a necessity. With long working hours, hunched posture in front of a computer, earphones plugged in, meals often skipped and negligible breaks, work habits these days can really suck the life force within. With lots of new challenges and deadlines to meet, the stress build up can also be really hard in the work environment. At such times, Corporate Yoga can be great stress buster ensuring employee health and wellness. Not only that, Yoga onsite can fit into the work schedule easily and keep the employees motivated enhancing efficiency and productivity.
Embraced by many companies across the globe, Corporate Yoga offers physical fitness and endurance reducing common posture related health issues such as muscle strain, back ache, carpal tunnel syndrome and other problems due to repetitive motion and continuous sitting.
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"Awaken Your Body, Elevate Your Soul."

Embark on a transformative journey with "Awaken Your Body, Elevate Your Soul." Through invigorating poses and mindful breath, reconnect with your body's wisdom. Feel the energy surge, awakening every muscle and fiber. As your body awakens, witness the elevation of your soul, soaring to new heights of inner peace and serenity.

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"Yoga is the journey of the self, throught the self, to the self. - The Bhagavad Gita"

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Yoga: The Art of Being, Becoming, and Belonging.

"Breathe Deeply, Live Fully – Yoga's Wisdom."

Yoga is more than physical postures; it's the art of being, becoming, and belonging. In each pose, discover the profound essence of simply being present. Through mindful breath, witness the transformative journey of becoming the best version of yourself. In the collective energy of a yoga community, find a sense of belonging – a shared space where diverse souls unite. Yoga is the canvas where the art of existence unfolds, a tapestry woven with threads of self-discovery, growth, and a deep sense of connection.